Omnia – 3 Year Anniversary – March 11, 2018

Time certainly flies and no more does that hold true in the ever-changing landscape┬áthat is music. Musical fads come and go,┬ájust the same way as the boy bands come and go every few years. Different types of genres also cycle through just in the same way that fashion goes in and out. Light denim is in one decade and then the next it’s shunned, and then before you know it there is back again in the spotlight. The same holds true for that of entertainment and more or less for Las Vegas, which dictates how we entertain ourselves in popular culture. If you build it, they will come and Vegas is the epitome of that ole wise man saying. Built in the middle of the desert, harsh and hot in the summer and desperately cold in the winter, Sin City has kept its momentum and for the past half-century welcomed countless.
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It is normal for restaurants to lose their cool factor and for other hip spots to lose the one thing that was going for them which is the “hip and cool part.” To captivate an audience year after year is difficult and that holds so true for the nightlife scene, where everyone and everything is trying to go for the bigger, better, brighter, and more expensive wow factor.

Omnia nightclub when it opened up 3 years ago – yes it has been three years – was hailed as an absolute technical and architectural marvel. With its stories tall mechanical chandelier that moves up and down, rotates, and shines millions of colors it never looks the same twice always different. That was the centerpiece then and to this day no other club has come close to replicating this amazing show, which is of course in addition to the main event that is the star-studded DJ’s and headline acts such as Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Kaskade, Tiesto, Zedd, just to name a few. The entire feel of the club is unrivaled. Making it feel intimate but also with a capacity of thousands and with sold out nights on a regular basis every week of the year.
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Besides the beauty of the club, the talent of its roster, the feel of the venue, there is also the last part of the Omnia that should not be forgotten and that’s the table service. No club is better to cater to the needs and standards of revelers who will be enjoying table service. The soft-touch details of the staff both with service gals as well as the security really make you feel like a VIP. The real estate is unparalleled as well situating in some of the best areas to see your favorite DJ up close and personal like nowhere else. This past weekend we were witness to that as we were invited by the press relations team of Omnia for their three year anniversary, to kick things off we had an amazing dinner at Searsucker which was followed by a backdoor – yes, secret entry – right into Omnia. From there we were situated in one of two opera style balcony grandstand table areas 90 degrees above Zedd. What a terrific night.

Some musical highlights of the night included Zedd’s track in no special order.
1. Stay Original Mix Zedd, Alessia Cara
2. Get Low Original Mix Zedd, Liam Payne Polydor
3. Adrenaline Original Mix Grey, Zedd Polydor
4. The Middle Original Mix Grey, Zedd, Maren Morris
5. Stay The Night feat. Hayley Williams Zedd & Kevin Drew Extended Remix Zedd, KDrew

Take a listen and if you like it support the artist direct to his Beatport.
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For more Omnia dates please check the cal here and also be mindful that EDC week is coming in a couple of months in June and that is a week that you cannot miss as it is hands down the EDM if not party week-long event of the year for Vegas.

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