Steve Angello

Steve Angello

Omnia 8/25 – Steve Angello. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Formerly part of the Swedish House Mafia, Angello was and is one of the top acts in electronic dance music. Shrouded in allure and an almost mystery like aurora, Angello has been taking names and kicking ass as of late with some mind blowing visuals, sounds, and performances. That was exactly the case during his last show in Las Vegas at the one and only Omnia.

Housed in the Cesar’s palace mega complex next to the iconic Colosseum – by the way Celine is back performing almost nightly – Omnia has dug quite a niche for itself in the Las Vegas nightlife community. Niche may not be the right term, but you get the idea. Omnia is the place to be seen and be heard when partying on the strip. If the amazing orbiting LED chanallier does not get you, certainly the sickest and baddest beats out there will.

Back on topic, Angello brought it last Tuesday. Yes a Tuesday and yes it was packed to the brim. Getting on a little past 1am. Angello came on to a thunderous applause as the Tuesday night partygoers began to get their pistons going for a night of full on action and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. Chilredn of the Wild, Wasted Love, and Voices along with Eric Prydz were some of the highlight tracks of the night including a couple of very special IDs.

To check out future Omnia shows go HERE and for more Steve Angello music check out his Beatport page HERE.

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