Wet Republic 9/6/15

The King of Las Vegas. One guess, who?


Not Elvis.

We are talking about today’s King.



That’s right. Undoubtedly over the past few years Tiesto has managed to capture Las Vegas and hold it as his very own. His music. His energy. His enthusiasm. It is all endearing and thanks in large part to Wet Republic and also her sister nightclub Hakkasan, Tiesto has been able to place this crown of accomplishment over his head.

He just knows how to play to the crowd and no better place than in Vegas. People come here to live on the edge, escape their normal routine. They don’t come here to go to a party to just listen to songs they could listen to on the radio sitting in the car on the 405 on the way back to Long Beach. They want a break. They want the new stuff. They want to be surprised. How can this be done? Simple. Tiesto.

No better example than this past weekend at Wet Republic. In the midst of the MGM complex, Wet Republic sports on of the largest and most bad ass pool party venues anyone has ever see. You add world class acts like Tiesto and you have something truly magical. This past Saturday Wet Republic was packed to the brim.

Tiesto’s close friend and protege, MOTi warmed up the crowd quite nice. One year from now, don’t be surprised to see MOTi heading his own pool party and clubs in Vegas. His star is rising fast.

A little after 3pm Tiesto got on the deck and for the next 2 hours he played to a crazy group of people full of champagne showers and some of the baddest beats the Strip has heard. Certainly a great party and an awesome start to Labor Day weekend.

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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix. Avicii. Steve Aoki. Oliver Heldens. The DJs listed above are some of the biggest names in electronic dance music. You would expect a lineup like this over a few days in club hotspots such as Ibiza or Vegas. What you would not expect is to have all these big names at one place...



Earlier this year Warner Music Group (WMG) acquired Spinnin’ Records, one of the world’s leading independent electronic music companies.  That was some big news and a sign of consolidation in the EDM music scene.  Certainly sent waves in the community.  Great to see big brand music taking...

Axwell /\ Ingrosso at Light Nightclub – Saturday Night June 21st

Axwell /\ Ingrosso at Light Nightclub - Saturday Night June 21st

The only club performance in the US for these two legends will be at Light inside the Mandalay Bay.  You add Steve Angello to the mix and you get the Swedish House Mafia.  We believe that this certainly is the #1 club gig to go to during EDC Week.  Not sure how much longer Ingrosso and Axwell...