Steve Angello

Steve Angello

Omnia 1/1/16 – The New Year is upon us. Man was NYE fun. Everyone was so drunk and had so much fun. It was awesome. Well guess what, that was Thursday and today is Friday. Let’s do it all over again.

If this is a conversation you had to yourself. Nice! And better yet if you were in Vegas and decided to go to Omnia the day after NYE to get it started all over again? Even better!

Some say the weekend or actually couple of weeks after NYE are the slowest times for bars, restaurants, partying, etc. Well at Omnia at the other night it was night. I beg to differ.

Steve Angello, the man, the myth, the legend, was slated to play at Omnia last Friday and boy did he. Steve certainly brought the house down with his fresh beats and melodic techno jams as well as the usual house bangers. The tables were full, the dance-floor was absolutely packed, and the good times were rolling all over the massive space that is Omnia. I still can’t get over the production value of this club. The floating and rotating chandelier is bar none and I can’t think of anywhere else in terms of a permanent club space that comes close to this club. A spectacle to behold. Pair that with a world class DJ and you have something very special.

Highlights included the drops of Angellos classic’s including, Vegas Nights, Croatia Nights, and Tiger, as well as his brand new single Remember. If you want to check more of his music go to his Beatport HERE and for more Omnia dates check out this link HERE.

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