Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke

The summer is coming. After a long and mostly wet winter especially for those living in the Bay Area, the “s” word is a welcome relief. With the heat, the sun, the beach bods, also come the most exciting time of the year in our opinion for the Las Vegas Strip. That’s right guys it is pool party season. The best DJs in the world converge in one spot – Las Vegas – along a number of nightlife and also now daylife hotspots. Without a doubt, Daylight is one of the best pool parties in the world. Surrounded by the shadow of the world famous Mandalay Bay, Daylight is a mecca of fun, sun, and great funky beats. This past Saturday was no exception as Laidback Luke graced the decks.

Suns out, guns out. That’s how the motto goes. On Saturday the crowd looked good, albiet not as tan as we would like to see them, but give them a break as it is only the start of summer or umm even could say the middle of spring. The pool gradually filled with guests holding their big gulp style sippie cups. As Laidback Luke dropped drop after drop you would see immense splash parties with water going everywhere and everywhere. Meanwhile in the cabanas you could see how the other half live with bottle service as well as amazing looking fruit trays. No matter where you were though, everyone was having a raucous and fun time.

So to get to specific of Laidback Luke. He played an eclectic set full of different tunes that ranged from house to trap to dubstep. He certainly is a DJ in the way he can mix different genres together to sound like one. Also his producing talent cannot be quiested as he played some of his original tracks such as S.A.X. Snap That Neck, and XXX as well as some notable remixes he did with Tujamo on Rocking with the Best

Next time you are in Vegas make sure to stop by Daylight. It’s a lot of fun. For more show dates you can go HERE and to check out more Laidback Luke tracks you can always go HERE.



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