Brooklyn songstress Janelle Kroll is a romantic force. She appears to be one who subscribes to the philosophy of “What good is a heart if you can’t wear it on your sleeve?”. Her music is honest & powerful. Don’t let the title of her new track “Sunny Days” fool you. She’s not here to boast about how love is all sunshine & puppy dogs. She’s here to talk about the post-breakup jackass you just can’t shake. The one you just can’t seem to quit. The one who keeps walking on your sunny days.

R.I.P. Legend. As a matter of fact, Avicii's music is one of the main reasons why We Rave You came into existence. While he is not with us anymore, his music...

We're still waiting for this to be released Avicii ◢◤                 Source

Live entertainment executives from Live Nation, CAA, Paradigm, AEG, and more organize task force to combat coronavirus threat to the live industry.

Prismo’s Hot New Single Accidentally Sets the World on “Fire”

Prismo's newest release will light you up in the best way possible.                 Source