DJ Snake

DJ Snake

Encore Beach Club 9/4/15

Snake. Snake. Snake.

To some this word means something that is slithery, venomous, and dangerous.

However to some it means great music and an even better time.

Add DJ in front of that and you definitely have it.

Just what you were looking for. One of the biggest names in electronic dance music is DJ Snake.

Turn on the radio and you will have a hard pressed time not hearing one of his tunes.

Lean On and Turn Down For What. If you haven’t heard one track or the other there’s a good chance you live under a rock. Just kidding. But seriously if you are one of those people get with the program.

This past Thursday, DJ Snake made a very special appearance at the Encore Beach Club, but this was not your usual EBC pool party. It was during the night time. The sun had set. The inflatables were blown up. The crowd had come in their trunks and bikinis as well as also quite a few people who felt like they should be dressed to a T.

It was a great atmosphere to be had. Shortly after 1am. The LED screens began to be lit up with images of the Eiffel tower. The beats started to get blasted. Then out of the midst, DJ Snake with his iconic black cube shades got on the decks.

For the next 2 hours Snake played to at capacity crowd at the beautiful grounds of the Encore Beach Club. It was a breath of fresh air to be at this venue when the sun had set. Same vibe. Same great venue. Though a different hue to the Las Vegas sky. Definitely highly recommended. If you ever get a chance to come to EBC during the night and also in fact during the day. DO IT. You will not be disappointed. Great time for sure.

If you need future tour dates please check this out HERE for Encore Beach Club calendar and for more DJ Snake tunes just go HERE.

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