Whenever Bassjackers comes into town you know it will be a great time. It does not matter what town, Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, New York, or even Tokyo. They always come get it and blow the roof off the house. This past weekend was no different as we saw the Bassjackers play a DJ set at the newly minted and opened 1OAK of Tokyo in Roppongi.

The club itself is magnificent and beautiful inside and out. Oh and did we mention the sound system, it is one of the best out there and certainly hands down the best in Tokyo by a mile and perhaps in all of Japan. Opened just this past summer 1OAK is still developing its name and brand in the nightlife scene and boy is it doing a fine job at it. Slowly by slowly its creeping its way to become a mainstay in the nightlife scene. Just last week we saw the likes of Skrillex on Friday and before that the famed Olympic Athlete and fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. What names. So back to this Saturday.

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The crowd was ecstatic and the night was young but the line was out the door. Once inside you could almost smell the excitement. The bottles were popping and all through the club people were reveling. As the Bassjackers came on the crowd went nuts and for the next two hours, they played a superb set that only a top caliber DJ could pull off. It was up and down and mixed in melodic beats along with jaw-dropping drops. Also when we refer to “they” it is more like he since Bassjackers is a one-man show on the road with Marlon Flohr on the decks and when in the studio his partner in crime, Ralph van Hilst will help to produce the bangers that blow the EDM scene up.

Some highlights of the set include the remix of Here with You, The Fever, Get Loud, Nasty, and the Crossnaders remix of Fireflies featuring Luciana. All in all, it was a great night and we look forward to having them again and seeing them again in the hopeful very near future.

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