Alesso is always evolving his sound, instead of staying constant and going with what has given his past success, he continually tries new things and experiments with what works and sometimes what does not.  Too often you see DJs and producers stick to their one sound that works, then there will be a dozen or more bedroom DJs out there using the same type of synths to create similar melodies and beats.  That is the beauty of electronic music,  It really can be created by anyone with a computer, some time, and of course some skill.  Yet the “X Factor” for production can be dwindled down to a least common denominator when you have a blueprint you can look at and more or less copy.  That is why it makes it so competitive to be a successful DJ right now.  You will see many names come and go for that reason, and whether you just have insane stage presence, and die-hard social media following, a cool gimmicky thing that people love, or if you have an unparalleled talent to make music, those are all reasons you see DJs and producers from so many different walks of life on the DJ top 100 polls.
Back in the days of the start of the Swedish House Mafia with Axwell, Ingrosso, and Steve Angello, they really pushed the boundaries for new sounds that the electronic music world had never heard.  Their young protege who was also Swedish was Alesso.  He learned the craft from the best but to be honest, I would not attest his success to these three guys, but rather Alesso has some of the purest and native talent to make music.  He pushes the boundaries and every year I’m excited to see something new from him and hear what he has been up to.
A top 5 list of the musical progression of Alesso is as follows also found on his Beatport.
Deep, deep in the back of each track, you can feel an almost elliptical melody that is the Alesso sound
1.Falling BROHUG Remix Alesso
2.Take My Breath Away Extended Mix Alesso
3.Calling (Lose My Mind) Extended Club Mix Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, Ryan
4.Titanium feat. Sia Alesso Remix Alesso, David Guetta
5.Pressure Alesso Remix Alesso, Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia
Alesso but his best to the test as he came on the decks this past Friday at the XS nightclub in the Encore hotel.  Coming up on its 9th year – yes you read that right – XS just like Alesso is pushing the boundaries.  Combining both a terrific indoor club venue with the most amazing outdoor pool venue is something truly special.  The night was great and Alesso was certainly into it partying and just having a great time up there on the decks it seemed like.  Do yourself a favor and next time he’s scheduled for Vegas at XS, go!  For a cull cal of events to be held at XS check here.

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