Alesso Hyde and SLS Pool Part Miami 3/26

Alesso Hyde and SLS Pool Part Miami 3/26

*UPDATE* 3/16 – The supporting cast lineup has just been updated with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano as well as ASTR, Michael Calfan, Otto Knows, Quintino, Sultan + Shepard and Will Sparks.

If you have turned on the radio lately chances are you’ve heard of Alesso. Heroes has become a mainstream radio anthem all over the world. It makes you proud to be an EDM fan at least we feel that way. At this point in time, Alesso’s stock has never been higher. He is in demand and there is a very good reason why. His music is melodic, passionate, and absolutely addicting. The catchy tunes this Swede releases continually captivates one and all.

Alesso says it perfectly himself – “I don’t ever want to make just another club song,” he insists. “‘Electronic music’ sometimes feels like it’s all about the money; I can say one hundred per cent that I didn’t start doing this to make money. The main reason why I make music is to bring a message; I want to uplift people though music, I want to inject emotion into dance music. I want people to scream, jump, feel happiness. Explosive happiness. The best thing about music is it has no rules; I love the idea of breaking the rules.”

Two thumbs up for that pull quote.

So as Miami Music Week comes into swing, we had a very pleasant surprise in store for us today. Alesso announced that he is teaming up with Hyde and SLS to bring his rendition of what a pool party should be on March 26th. Should be an amazing event and one that in retrospect will be looked at as a highlight of Miami Music Week. Early bird tickets sold out in a matter of hours and another batch of GA tickets will be available come Monday, but don’t expect them to be around for long as for now this is Alesso’s only solo event other than Ultra Music Festival.

Follow this ticket link to purchase your tickets HERE.

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